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Plastic Grinding

Plastics come in a variety of types, ranging from HDPE, LDPE, PVC, PET and more. Our goal at Stockbridge Plastics is to provide green solutions for industrial plastic recycling and grinding. To help reduce waste, you can recycle your sprues, runners and imperfect parts with us and utilize our plastic grinding services. With this method, you can guarantee proper and eco-friendly disposal of your materials and post-industrial plastics.

Plastic Scrap  Grinding

Reduce Your Company’s Carbon Footprint

  • Stockbridge Plastics can help to reduce waste through the recycling of your excess parts and plastic waste.
  • To preserve landfill space, we can provide empty gaylords to collect your leftover scraps.
  • Let us purchase your virgin surplus resin that you no longer need.

Stockbridge Plastics Grinding

Custom Grinding

When it comes to recycling plastic scrap resin, our plastic grinding services is structured so that we only grind similar materials together to preserve the integrity of the plastic. To ensure this, we meticulously separate the material before the grinding process. Between each grind, we completely clean the equipment, connecting pipes, and the conveyor to prevent the introduction of foreign resin and materials. We will gladly purchase your material from you or return it to you for a l grinding fee.


Contact Us about buying your surplus plastic material. And let us know if we can help you find engineering or commodity grade material for your injection molding or extrusion program.