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If you have industrial plastics and materials that you want pelletized, look to Stockbridge Plastics. Our plastic pelletization services can help you maximize your resin investment. By guaranteeing that the raw plastic material is properly sorted, contaminant free, and of similar quality and size, Stockbridge Plastics pelletizing services offers the highest value for your plastic resin pellets. In many situations, a reprocessed pellet is the best solution for your business needs. Our services include grinding and re-pelleting your unusable sprues, runners, and imperfect parts, and add colorant if requested.

Whether you're an independent recycling company or a specialty manufacturer, Stockbridge Plastics can take your useless waste and turn it into a profitable revenue stream that becomes a more efficient use of material for your company.

Plastic Pelletization

Maximize your resin investment with plastic pelletization services from Stockbridge Plastics. In many instances, a reprocessed pellet is best suited for your process. We grind and repelletize your unusable sprues, runners, and imperfect parts, turning your scrap into a value stream of cost savings for your company. We can add colorant to match a desired pantone if necessary.

Resin Types

Stockbridge Plastics is especially interested in engineering grade materials including but not limited to the following:
Stockbridge Plastic Resin Pellets


Contact Us about buying your surplus plastic material. And let us know if we can help you find engineering or commodity grade material for your injection molding or extrusion program.